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Quality Control Department

Hakeem Pharma Quality Control Department (QCD) has the overall responsibility for assessing, implementing and controlling all aspects of production at all stages of the manufacturing operations.

Quality services operates independently and objectively in the performance of its duties. The department responsible for ensuring that all Hakeem Pharma internal and external regulatory requirements associated with products’ quality are met.

The QCD has a comprehensive Quality Assurance System that assures all manufacturing, documentation and approvals systems are in place and operational.

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QCD has the authority to approve or reject all manufactured products and products’ raw materials. This assures that only the purest and highest quality products are released to the market.

The QCD is equipped with the latest technological systems available and fully resourced with highly qualified staff to allow it for fully fulfill its function.

A Documentation Section within QCD services controls all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), as well as quality related documents for all process from initiation to final approval.

A Quality Control Function within QCD Services has the responsibility for sampling and testing all Raw materials, packaging materials and finished products.


The quality control laboratory consists of specialized sections.

Raw Material Section: All raw materials are tested to ensure they conform with international pharmacopoeia and to Hakeem Pharma's strict Quality standards.

Finished Products Section: The finished products are fully tested to international pharmacopoeia standards using the latest analytical instruments, test methods and materials.

Packaging Section: The packaging section is involved in testing quality of all packaging materials to ensure conformity to Hakeem Pharma's specifications.

Stability Section: This section monitors and generates stability data for Hakeem Pharma's finished products. Samples of all products are stored in different environmental conditions according to international guidelines. This guarantees that Hakeem Pharma's products are of the production to the end of their stability period (expiry of shelf life) walk-in stability rooms (climate chambers) large and medium size stability cabinets have been installed.

The bio-Equivalence studies for solid preparations and suspension are conducted at accredited international institutes, in order to determine the drug efficacy. Such studies are basic requirements for the regulatory authorities.

Research and Development (R&D):

As we are in the process for establishing a robust R&D department in Hakeem Pharma Factory, that equipped with all resources (machines, Laboratories, work force, IT access) to help in executing all the new products suggested and submitted by the senior management, in addition to the improving process of the existing products in a programmatic attitude.

In addition to the main goals above, other objectives are taken under consideration in our R&D department such as increasing the new product cycle in a strongest, quickest and least expensive screening process. Also to introduce knowledge management system for formulated product development, willingness to apply original thinking to each client’s problem and ability to solidly manage goals, outcomes and scope of work.